Could an Oculus Rift desktop be the PC platform of the future?

Imagine your computer desktop being all around you instead of just on a screen in front of you. Imagine dragging, swiping and sorting documents with your hands and gestures instead of a mouse.

 Imagine your HD wallpaper as a live video of a desert island being all around you and giving you the concentration and immersion you need to think and handle complex tasks.

And what if using computers didn't actually mean having to sit hunched down and increasing your risk of catching the "sitting disease".

Already, the creators of the STEM System (wireless controlling system for a virtual environment and which we're part of kickstarting) have been experimenting with controlling virtual environments as you can see in this YouTube video.

We're tremendously excited about all the opportunities and possibilities the next wave of computing technology offers. And we believe that the low cost of Oculus Rift equipment means that it's not some piece of equipment for the nerdically challenged, or rich people with too much time on their hands.

The consumer version of the kit (coming out in the Summer, 2014) is rumoured to potentially cost less than $499 (Forbes), putting it mostly within the reach of everyone who can afford a PC, Xbox, PS4 or other similar gaming console.

But in TechRadar, the creator of Oculus Rift, Palmer Luckey, said that consoles were too limited for what he's planning - the best virtual reality device ever. That means releasing and re-releasing and keeping the development process dynamic. With slow iterations and product releases, consoles don't seem, therefore, best placed to take advantage of the virtual reality revolution.

And it seems as if Sony is attempting to combat this with its own version of a virtual reality headset (though it could be priced at a prohibitive £1,300 according to Hugh Langley. Hardly a price to be found in every household. We're betting on the Rift being here to stay.

So will desktop computers see the greatest benefit from an emerging virtual reality revolution? It's tempting to think so.

The gaming potential is completely obvious. So too the burgeoning pornographic industry, in much the same way it populated the Internet.

But the business potential for Oculus Rift is what really interests us here at Reactor15 . How could the technology enhance our experience of things by being immersive? Could virtual reality replace our desktop screens giving us a huge capacity to carry out work in a more free, intuitive gesture controlled way?

Could a headset replace a standard computer screen and provide unlimited space in which to concentrate on your work along with the backdrop of your perfect environment?

Marketing MagazineThe Telegraph and Retail Week journalists have now grabbed hold of it, meaning that it's about to enter the popular imagination as information percolates outwards through media channels.

Unlike many Rift developers, we are not looking for gaming projects. We are looking for companies who have problems to solve and which can be elegantly solved in an immersive environment. And particularly new problems that haven't been solved yet. As a small, dynamic, technical devlopment agency we have the enthusiasm and the programming skill to make things really happen.

If you have the budget, we have the tech and the skills.

And we're ready to use it to build something world class.

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