Don't outsource social media

My first tweet on 14th December 2006.

“Getting this account set up so I can show people how doing this will drive me (and anybody) spare…”

I was wrong. I’m still not a huge fan of social media for marketing, at least not for the smaller companies with limited time and marketing budgets. It wastes time. It forces to you focus on the immediate which is not the same thing as important. Because it’s ‘free’ people don’t count the cost it racks up in business time. But you know what? It’s here. It’s staying. And it has its place.  BUT if you do do it, then do it properly.

We think you should be running your own social media.

If social media is the digital cocktail party, there’s no point sending an assistant in to hobnob.

Social media is about being available and contactable. It’s about being in conversation.

Other companies can’t handle your conversations for you and do it as well as you. Even assistants in your own company can’t handle the conversation as well as you.

Our advice is this: be part of the cocktail party or not as you choose.

But it’s important to do it yourself. Don’t send a proxy in to represent your digital identity.

Of course, you can seek advice. You can get help. Get coaching. You can measure if it actually brings you business.

But you must be able to be authentic and speak in your own voice. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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