SEO: Here is what doesn't work

SEO is one of those gnarly industries where a lot of DIY is going on. Blogs abound with advice. Courses exist for you to learn the skills. White papers and webinars are everywhere. Amazon has plenty of quick fix books.

All of this is great for companies with the resource of time on their hands. Or is it? A huge amount of time is required to go into researching and learning SEO. The industry is moving incredibly fast, and what was applicable 6 months ago may have much less weight today.

SEO is surrounded by too many myths and redundant strategies. By redundant, I mean that the time cost of it outweighs its low value.

Here’s what doesn’t work:

X Directory Submissions

Google has been devaluing the value of these links for a long time now. The strategy costs more in time than the reward it will give you.

X Fiddling With Keywords Incessantly

Once you have the right keywords in your title along with a compelling description, no amount of re-arranging is going to deliver massively improved results.

X Thin, Spammy Content

Knocking out a few hundred words and dosing it liberally with your favourite keywords is of no value if the content does not add value to your audience. Search engines are paying a lot more attention to the way people bahave on your site. Interest them and you win. Bore them and Google will know.

X Online Press Releases

There was a time when a press release built primarily for search engines was of exceptionally high value in your SEO strategy. Not so now. If you’re doing press releases, do them to interest people and publications, not simply to syndicate low value, low interest content across the internet.

 X Keyword Density

Google is paying less attention to keyword density than ever before. Why? Because it was too easy to game search engines by achieving the optimal keyword density. Nowadays, as long as you have the right keywords and good synonyms within high value content, keyword density is almost irrelevant.

 X Speaking To Search Engines And Not The Customer

Search engines don’t buy products. People do. Your customer should be first in all communications. That doesn’t mean eradicating SEO by any means. More than ever it’s about building a balance which favours the customer and targets the right places in search engines. From there, it’s the quality and value of your content which will make it stand or fall.

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