Custom apps for sales teams

Send leads back to HQ instantly

Wherever your team has a 3G connection, a custom mobile app can send key sales information back to headquarters allowing you to act quickly on new sales, leads and information.

By minimising delays in the flow of information in your business, your team will naturally become more productive and responsive.


Visualise sales patterns

With your data standardised across the sales departments, you're now able to slice and dice it with visualisation tools in order to see what's working and what isn't.

We can provide a whole range of custom built tools to help you manage and improve deployment of sales teams and resources to their most profitable effect.

Measure productivity

Understanding productivity is about understanding how you can help your employees do their job better.

By isolating performance issues you can direct coaching and support to those who need it most. And you can also identify more of the reasons behind the success of your star salespeople.

Improve data accuracy

Customers hate  when you get their information wrong. It undermines trust. The solution is ensuring employees have easy data input tools improving data entry.

By providing an easy to use interface, you'll make sure that your sales team can provide accurate data in meaningful formats that can integrate into your company systems.

Fewer lost sales

Do leads fall under the radar because of inefficient IT systems? We all know that new clients love efficient, responsive and prompt  service.

Whether it's a customer support issue or a new sale, efficient, structured company IT systems help you deliver the kind of  customer service that wins hearts and minds.

For iPads, iPhones, Android & Windows Phones

Many companies only build applications for one or two platforms. In contrast, we developn in-house for iOS (iPhones and iPads), Android  Phones and also Windows Phone 8 using a proprietary development system. Building from a single core code, we make it cost-effective to have your sales team mobile app on every platform.

A mobile app built to your requirements

Custom or off the shelf?

We all know that there are many SAAS (software as a service) applications which can help improve sales. And often these can be just the thing for small, new and flexible companies who can wrap their business around a new system.

For larger companies, it's not such a straightforward choice. Trying to fit into an off the shelf app to your business can often involve uncomfortable compromises, imperfect workarounds and the feeling that your IT is beginning to run you, rather than the other way round.

No compromise required

Custom built applications are an investment, to be sure, but isn't it worth it to make your company work more seamlessly? Wouldn't it be nice to develop your application according to your own unique agenda, rather than following the lowest common denominators of  thousands of other companies on a subscription service.

Integrate with your existing systems

Tying into your existing IT systems is a further issue. You've already evolved a system which works for you. The costs of culture and change management for a new system can be unsettling. They are the numbers which you don't ever quite see, but leak sales, revenue and profit from your company. We specialise in understanding your IT systems and working out how best to integrate everything for maximum flexibility.

Cost-effective hybrid development

We take a hybrid approach using a core platform which we've built, and then which we adapt to the special requirements of the companies that do business with us. Therefore, you're not paying for something which is built from the ground up incurring prohibitive development costs. Nor are you hamstrung by a product which is unable to be customised to your requirements.

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