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Cost Effective Website Improvements WITHOUT Redesigning

How a scientific A/B split testing approach can deliver cost effective, evidence based return on investment for business owners (even small ones).


  1. Finally understand how website customers behave!
  2. What is A/B split testing?
  3. Benefits for website ROI
  4. What can you measure and improve?
  5. How the professionals do it
  6. It works for small business too
  7. What about SEO?
  8. Introductory offer - limited to 5 companies only


Finally understand how website customers behave!

It's a common refrain - 'I know half of my marketing is working - I just don't know which half'. How many of us marketers and business owners have wished we were in a world where we could see what was really happening? Well, we can. It's now within the commercial reach of small business owners - and it can be a lot more cost effective than re-developing an entire site.

What is A/B split testing?

A/B split testing is the science and art of testing two slightly different versions of a piece of digital marketing (whether a website page, a Google Adwords advert, or an email).

By measuring changes in behaviour (such as engagement, length of visit, conversions to a lead generation goal) we can pick winning combinations based on actual user behaviour. In short, it taks the guess work out of developing a website. What you've got left is a clear methodology for increasing response on your website.

The Benefits for Website ROI

More than anything, split testing is about improving key metrics on a website based on real-life human behaviour from visitors on your website.

Business owners are more reliant than ever before on websites to generate new leads, enquiries and sales. A single website can get hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of visits per month. So even a small percentage improvement becomes statistically significant when you consider the volume of traffic over an entire year. Taken as a continuous process, a number of small improvements can make a big difference to whatever your key goals are.

What can you measure & improve?

Reduction in bounce rate

A high bounce rate can be indicative of low quality visits or irrelevant content.

Increase in engagement

Interested customers tend to look at more than one page of your site. Small changes to messaging, navigation, imagery and the like can subtly alter website behaviour as well as modify the choice architecture of the website

Increase in time spent on the site

Interested customers will spend more time your website investigating your products and services.

Increase in visits to key sales pages

You want customers to visit key sales pages during a visit. If they're not doing that, changing the choice architecture of a page is a slamming way to alter behaviour in positive ways.

Conversion of visits into form submissions

Visits are only indicative that people found your page. The real advantages of split testing becomes evident when you run tests to increase the number of form submissions meaning an increase in leads to follow up and generate business from.

Conversion of visits into mailing list sign-ups

Mailing lists are the most widely under-used marketing medium. Perhaps they have gone out of fashion, partly because of spam, partly because of social media. But smart marketers know that a growing permission based mailing list gives you more opportunities to sell.

These examples are not exhaustive.

How the professionals do it

I am fascinated by a website called Which Test Won? Every week they email an example of a real test, challenging you to guess which version made a substantial improvement. It's sometimes astonishing to see that even a very small change can translate into huge differences in response.

I strongly recommend you sign yourself up for this email so you can see the evidence for yourself.

It works for small business too

It's not expensive. 

You may think you're too small to benefit from split testing. But it's entirely possible to test and increase website response at low cost. Where you think you may need a redesign, you may only need a few tweaks here and there to substantially improve your website response.

What about SEO?

Think of digital marketing as a series of links in a chain. Your marketing strategy is only as strong as your weakest link. Websites are often the weak link - yet they get traffic from search engines, pay per click marketing campaigns, direct mail and print adverts. So improving your website improves response for every kind of visit that comes to your site.

Introductory offer: limited to 5 companies only

For a trial period, we are offering 5 UK companies the opportunity to try our conversion optimisation service for just £200. We'll run up to 5 tests on your site over one month to improve key metrics.

At the end, if we're unable to prove positive change to your website, you will pay absolutely nothing. Zero. Zilch. It's on us.

Can't say fairer than that. For further information please call 01392 427358.

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