Marketing in Exeter

Target, Convince And Convert

In an information overloaded world, we're pounded with advertising from every angle all day long. Much of it we simply ignore. 

Great marketing will stand above this noise, clearly targeting the customer, gaining attention with strong graphic design and a compelling message. We work to tap into the market's natural desire for your products, conserving your budget by targeting the most motivated of buyers and converting them through digital marketing channels.

Spending wisely

The trick of marketing is working out where not to spend. Because every marketing budget is limited, it's a precious resource that needs to go as far as possible. 

We work with you to define who you want to buy your products and show you innovative ways to reach them, helping you to make the most of your marketing budget.

Right place, right time & message

Successful marketing is a Venn diagram of the right place, the right time, the right customer and the right message.

When these overlap cleverly with exceptional creative - that's when marketing really takes off.

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Build your marketing machine

We can work with you to develop your marketing strategy across print and online channels, ensuring your business is constantly fed with customers.

You can hire us for a single package of work, or you can outsource your marketing with our services on a monthly basis. Our approach is always flexible. 

Craft a message. Build creative.

The message makes the difference.

It doesn't matter if you're writing a website, a brochure or a YouTube video - the message matters.

We offer a full concept development, creative and copywriting process to underpin your strategy across every channel. We build campaign messages and creative that performs.

Test. Measure. Repeat.

What gets measured gets done.

You have to put measures in place to understand how your marketing is performing, to find out what works and what doesn't.

Not every piece of marketing is a bullseye. So understanding the difference between campaigns with measurable data is important to refining the strategy.

When you've found what works, keep doing it and keep on trying to improve it too.

Our marketing services
Outsourcing your marketing

Some people don't have time or patience for marketing. We understand. Put simply, we can do everything for you. We offer a fully outsourced marketing service for clients like you. We'll structure your marketing for you and nurture it continuously on a monthly basis. There's no iffy contracts, just a rolling month to month agreement which you can cancel at any time. 

Marketing plans

If you want a plan to carry out yourself, we can build a report for you with our recommendations. We'll suggest optimal strategies and ways to build your business. The beauty of this is professional advice, and being given a clear indication about where to focus your time, attention and marketing budgets. You can never focus on everything. So we help you pick your battles, ones which give you the best chance of winning.  


Copywriting is salesmanship in print. When your marketing reaches thousands of people every year, it's worth investing in a professional with years of experience in selling products and services using the written word. We write website copy (optimised for search engines), brochure materials, press releases, product copy, emails and direct mail letters - you name it. We can even ghostwrite on blogs for you.

SEO services

Buyers are looking for your products in search engines even as you read this. Are they finding you? Could you benefit from better rankings and more traffic?  We offer one-off and ongoing search engine optimisation services including content marketing, blogging, website overhauls and local optimisation. We give you weekly reporting showing you exactly where you rank, offering you peace of mind by giving you a full understanding of what's happening.

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Google Adwords & Bing advertising

Pay per click advertising like Google Adwords & Bing allow you to laser target customers with advertising at the exact moment they are searching for products like yours. The beauty of this is you pay only when a user clicks on your advert. We can provide full management, one off overhauls, conversion tracking and analysis to make sure your advertising is working hard and delivering the best traffic possible for your site to convert into customers. As well as text adverts in search engine results, we can also undertake animated banner campaigns in the Google Display Network and targeting users on mobile phones.