Cardiff University – MixITiN

Over the last century, marine science has defined single-celled plankton as either 'microzooplankton' (which eat) or 'phytoplankton' (don't eat, only photosynthesize). Recent discoveries in marine science have found that most 'phytoplankton' and around 50% of 'microzooplankton' in the upper ocean are mixotrophic (both eat and photosynthesize in one cell). MixITiN is a project that is training the next generation of marine scientists to work on the mixoplankton paradigm.

We were asked to create an illustration for use as a cover or page divider for reports and online presentations. One of the requirements was that there would need to be a degree of flexibility to include elements that could be replaced by the client, or to highlight certain aspects of the illustration. The final piece reflected the colouration of the MixITiN logo.