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Pull Up Banner Design

Pull up banners offer a cost effective and portable way to promote your business

We're frequently asked to design pull up (also known as roll up) banners for our clients. 

They are useful for any temporary situation where you want to mark your presence, and portable enough to be carried.

Because these pull up banners are within the budget range of most companies it's also possible to see pull up banners which really don't work so well in terms of graphic design. That's not the fault of the banner itself as a medium but rather the quality of the design.

These solutions need a great graphic design to produce impact, both close up and at a distance. They are there to capture attention, not to say everything. So it's important to focus on key messages and visuals rather than packing it full of text like it's a leaflet.

We also make sure that we print manage the work and use high quality suppliers. Cheap rollup banners can break easily. And although even the high quality versions need to be dismantled with care by making sure that it rolls up with good alignment, a high quality banner is going to last you longer!

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