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Look beyond beautiful

Beyond looking beautiful, what should your brand really be doing? Does your brand accurately reflect who you are, and who you want to be? Do you stand out in the crowd of companies? Does your brand sell you at your best?

These are not trivial questions. The answers aren’t simple. But brand design and recognition is crucial to claiming your rightful place in a competitive market by improving sales, customer retention and the quality of customer perceptions about your company.  

Own your niche

Think of a fizzy soft drink. Chances are you thought of Coca Cola or Pepsi. Think of a fast food chain. Chances are you chose Burger King or McDonalds. Think of a computer company. It’s likely you chose Microsoft or Apple.

These companies are successful because their brands have become synonymous with what they do. They “own” or dominate certain concepts. It's powerful stuff. Because when you “own” a concept, your customer can’t help but think of you first when they need your product or service.

More than a logo

Logo design is just one of the products of branding. But branding really is much larger than this. It's about the totality of the ways you present yourself to your customer.

It's about your vision, where you are in the market (and where you want to be). It's about what your customers expect from you (and the impression you want to make). It covers typography, colours, icons, graphic styles, tone of voice, personality and even sounds (think of Intel).

Branding process

Our in-depth branding process explores your company identity, the market, your customers, competitors, your goals, and your current visual identity. Our clients find it an energising process to re-consider their company's potential in a new light.

Only once we've gathered reams of information do we put pen to paper, redesigning your brand identity, working through everything we've discovered to create a cogent, meaningful (and eminently sellable) brand and identity.

See our portfolio

For examples of our branding and graphic design work, see our portfolio. We also brand stand alone products such as mobile applications. 

See our portfolio