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Copywriting - the orphan child

Copywriting is the orphan child of marketing - often neglected and overlooked.

That's good for you. Because it's an opportunity waiting to be exploited to convince and convert customers via every piece of written marketing material you publish.

Crafting words that sell

First impressions last, they say. I'm in partial agreement. First impressions are important. Your first impression gives you a chance make second and third impressions.

Looking pretty is great, but after a point, you have to actively sell your product. A great piece of marketing is the marriage of words and visuals to change hearts and minds.

Your salesman in print

Copywriting is to writing what salesmanship is to talking.

If you think copywriting is just a form of talking, you're wrong. Copywriting is the dark art of salesmanship in print. It's not about telling people about your services, it's about actively selling and persuading, changing hearts and minds with the power of the written word. That's the difference. Copywriting sells ideas, products and services.

Hire us once, benefit for years to come...

When you hire a copywriter, you're hiring a salesman who can change your marketing communications across the board by writing in tried and tested ways that improve sales.

  • Websites
  • Leaflets & brochures
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Blogs
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media

Together, these platforms reach many thousands of customers of each year.

Even a small percentage improvement in your copy's ability to turn readers into customers has an enormous impact when you roll it out across your whole business. That's the real power it can have to change your sales over time.

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