Data visualisation software

Better information, better decisions

Better decisions come with better information. As a decision maker, you want access to the very best information to inform your choices and actions.

You need to understand your business as nobody else. With all your business data aggregated in a single place, you can.

Put all your reporting in a single place online, allowing you to slice, dice, visualise and export data without the need for time consuming spreadsheets or the problems they create.

See your company like never before

As businesses evolve, they tend to grow using a variety of independent data systems – from finance to production, costs through to sales.

When your business gets bigger, though, it becomes harder to access information, see the patterns in your business and create meaningful reports for decision making.

We have evolved a solution which not only solves the problem of getting at the information trapped within your business, it’s also custom built to exactly fit your needs and requirements, and is able to grow with your company over time. 

Custom designed for your data

The problem with off the shelf systems is business fit. Off the shelf solutions often involve too much compromise, meaning you can’t get everything you need from them.

Likewise, investing in replacing all of your business systems for a unified solution just for the sake of reporting is prohibitive in terms of cost and change management.

So why not keep your existing systems, but aggregate the data in a single dashboard? It's the best of both worlds.

Decision makers & CEOs
  • A single, unified reporting platform
  • Mine data to see trends & opportunities
  • See your whole business
  • Make better decisions
  • Reduce data entry hours
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Create reports quicker
  • Export only the data you need as CSV files
  • Access anywhere
Save time & money
  • Better reporting, faster
  • Stop spreadsheet inefficiencies
  • Automatic syncing

Feature-rich, flexible and designed around your data.

All the benefits of spreadsheets, none of the hassle

  1. Eliminate the problems of spreadsheet based reporting, where data entry can be inaccurate.
  2. Stop the confusion of sending duplicated spreadsheets around your business by email
  3. Ensure you are getting the latest data
  4. No more problems with syncing data or combining spreadsheet reports from different departments
  5. Eliminate inconsistencies which chew up time and make data inaccurate
  6. Import data automatically from other systems in your business
  7. Add, edit and delete data just like in a spreadsheet
  8. Apply automatic formulas
  9. Editable dropdowns create consistency in data


  1. Automatic graphing with no effort on your part
  2. Combine data from different departments to spot new patterns
  3. Visualise your data as line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts


  1. Run reports on all of the data in your system
  2. Access data in new ways – i.e. find your top 10 customers, or performing sales people
  3. Customise reports
  4. Export reports as CSV files
  5. Ensure reports are only built with the most up to date information
  6. Send automatic reports daily, weekly or monthly

KPI flags

  1. Flag data when it doesn't meet performance levels or KPIs


  1. Hide confidential financial data
  2. Multiple levels of user access
  3. Securely encrypted platform

Business Applications

  1. Financial data
  2. Sales performance
  3. Employee performance
  4. Deliveries, vehicle usage and mileage
  5. Production & manufacturing statistics
  6. Logistics

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